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5 Oven Space Savers: Cook and Freeze till Thanksgiving!
These make-ahead Thanksgiving ideas will save a few hours for you to rest and relax before the festive dinner!
6 Great Desserts Cooked with Leftover Candy
Turn tons of Halloween candy into classy desserts with the help of these recipes to enjoy the fun spirit of Halloween while your candy lasts!
Safer Halloween: Food Allergies and Non-Candy Treat Ideas
Halloween can be scary in more ways than one. Keep kids with food allergies safe this Halloween by following our allergen-free Halloween tips.
8 Easy Tricks for Spooky Treats
Cook some of these dishes for Halloween or use them as decoration ideas, OR build on our recipes and cook your own spooky snacks!
7 Non-Pie Pumpkin Desserts to Try This Fall
Tired of pumpkin pies? We’ve got something special for you! Pumpkin cakes, pumpkin rolls, and pumpkin muffins – try new versions of desserts!
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