Detox meal ideas: best healthy foods for detox
Easy and healthy food choices and cooking tips for post winter holiday detox.

Christmas is the top holiday of all in every aspect possible, and food is no exception. You tried every dish on the table; in fact, you just had to – who could ever resist the mouth-watering festive treats? So, now you are feeling all nauseous, puffy and guilty and probably pondering over skipping every meal for the next three days. This is not a good idea since you eating schedule is essential to your health. Try to slightly change the meals you eat instead.

Breakfast: detox from the very start

  • First of all, it’s a good idea to start the day with a cup of warm water with a tsp of lemon juice.
  • Try to abstain from alcohol and smoking completely; the same applies to caffeine. If you cannot give up the latter altogether, swap your habitual black tea or coffee for green tea – it still has caffeine but is rich in antioxidants, which you need for a proper detox. Add some honey to your green tea, if you like it sweet.
  • If you are not hungry in the morning after the feast, don’t stuff yourself with more food just for the sake of habit. Wait until you are feeling hungry and have a fruit or vegetable smoothie. Another great option is oatmeal spiced up with vanilla and cinnamon and loaded with diced pear; it is an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants with a gentle, yet delicious taste.

Lunch: light, but nourishing

  • Your body needs to have a rest from fatty dairy products, wheat and red meat (you can have a boiled egg or probiotic yogurt, though).
  • If you feel like eating a sandwich, optimize the recipe to the fullest: swap the top slice of bread for a lettuce leaf, add only a small amount of meat or cheese and fill it up with greens and vegetables. Choose mustard or hummus as the sauce. If you are in for something heartier, make a salad with baby spinach; whole grains like quinoa; tuna, beans or grilled chicken; and add a splash of color with diced veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Don’t ditch the dressing, because the fat in it is necessary for the absorption of nutrients, but add only a tablespoon or two.

Healthy Snacks

  • If you are not feeling too hungry and want just to fill up until the next meal, have a healthy snack: a little PB on a celery stick, or a handful of berries with some yogurt.

Dinner: the right choices

  • The main meal of the day must be light, yet substantial enough; good options include a veggie chili, or some lean protein like tofu, fish or chicken breast with a side dish of mashed cauliflower or spaghetti squash instead of mashed potatoes or pasta respectively. Fiber can also help fill you up, so you may go for some brown rice on the side. Dessert: don’t deny yourself the sweetness!
  • It may be hard to deny yourself dessert after the holidays; in fact, without small treats, you may even lose it and stuff yourself with leftovers from the fridge again. This is why you just have to eat a small piece of chocolate (dark, of course) or bake a pear sliced in half, sweetened with half a teaspoon of honey and spiced up with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. It is delicious on its own, but a dollop of frozen yogurt will make it a heavenly dessert!

These tips are easy to follow – holiday detox recipes do not require much effort or time; they allow your digestive system to rest but keep you filled until the next meal. They make a perfect transition from festive abundance to healthy everyday moderation.