Healthy Recipes to Ward off Colds
These healthy recipes will boost your immune system and help your body fight colds and the flu!

Winter months are calling you to pay more attention to your immune system. It certainly takes more than an apple a day to keep a doctor away. If you start feeling that you are going down with flu or a cold, a special diet will help speed up your recovery or prevent you from falling sick in the first place! The health-boosting ingredients will fight inflammation and viruses and get you up and running in no time! Here are a few ideas what to cook if you are under the weather.

Moong Dal

Healthy Indian Mong Dal recipe will boost your immune system

A good dose of medicinal spices, garlic, onions and ginger used to flavor this traditional Indian dish will easily ward off symptoms of a cold. Moong dal is a great dish to make in advance and keep in your freezer. It will take just a few minutes to heat it back up and fill your body with vitamins.

Vegetarian Kale Soup

Vegetarian Kale soup is packed full of vitamins to ward off colds and the flu

This Vegetarian Kale Soup is packed full of goodness and will be your secret weapon to kick that cold to the curb. Kale and bok choy contain a great of vitamins, coconut oil wards off viral infections, turmeric decreases inflammation, and garlic kills the infection. Traditional flue pills never taste so good as this natural flu remedy!

Rogan Josh Spicy Slow Cooker Lamb Curry

Traditional Indian curry Rogan Josh melts in your mouth and has a nice kick of spices

We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of spices in fighting off colds. Rogan Josh curry will warm your body and soul, and with a bit of sweat, the germs will leave your body. When you place all the ingredients into the slow cooker, take it easy, bundle yourself up with a warm blanket and fill up on teas with lemon waiting for the intricate dish to get ready.

Chilean Beef and Pumpkin Stew

Chilean Beef and Pumpkin Stea is delicate and flavorful dish perfect for cold months!

Beef is a prime source of zinc, immunity-bolstering mineral. This element helps the development of white blood cells which recognize and kill bacteria and viruses attacking your body. Plus, you get extra protein that supports the body in its fighting off infection. We increase the nutritional value of beef with a help of vegetables in this Chilean Beef and Pumpkin Stew.

Anti-cold Chicken Soup

Classic Chicken noodle soup to fight colds and the flu!

When you are coming down with a cold and feel sorry for yourself, what can be better than a bowl of flavorful comforting chicken soup? It not only offers great comfort: the dish that for centuries has been cooked for those under the weather has recently been proven to contain anti-inflammatory agents. How did Mama know? Get better with our Anti-cold Chicken Soup!

Sweet potatoes with ginger and honey

Sweet potatoes with ginger and honey are yummy and healthy side dish

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A that helps our bodies produce virus-fighting white blood cells. It also keeps the mucous membranes healthy. These line our nose and throat – our first lines of defense against viruses. In this recipe, we added some ginger and honey to the sweet potatoes to bring the health benefits of these vegetables to the new level.

Blueberry Smoothie 

Super-easy Blueberry smoothie rich in vitamin A to keep your immune system strong

Blueberries contain more antioxidants than any other fresh fruit tested, which should help beat your sniffles. In this smoothie recipe, the berries are combined with yogurt, a dairy product which is a great source of protein and vitamin D to help your body fight infection.


While these recipes are a good weapon against colds and the flu, you also need to mind your overall diet. If you stick to eating varied foods with a lot of fruit and vegetables, it will help your body fight off any infections.