Kid-Friendly Christmas Cookie Recipes
Baking together with excited children, the house smelling wonderfully of freshly baked cookies – what an idyllic picture!

For lots of people, it’s not Christmas without cookies. Baking together with excited children, the house smelling wonderfully of freshly baked cookies - isn’t that an idyllic picture? We have prepared a few kid-friendly recipes that will fill up your trays with cookies that will appease children and adults alike. So what are you waiting for? Grab your flour, rolling pin, and go!

Easy Sugar Cookies

Easy Sugar Cookies perfect both with and without icing

An easy recipe – no need to chill the dough (children won’t lose their interest, and neither will you), these cookies are soft and flavorful. These Sugar Cookies are delicious both with and without icing, and you can make them in the form of simple circles or trim into various festive shapes, they keep their edges perfectly!

Gingerbread Boys and Girls

Ginger bread boys and girls will put many a smile around Christmas

These cookies are sure to put a smile on your kids’ faces – they will love getting creative and painting with the icing. These Gingerbread Boys and Girls will also look great on your Christmas tree – an edible and yummy decoration!

Chocolate Crinkle cookies

Chocolate crinkles look irresistible and taste alike

These brownie-like cookies look irresistible. The fudgy chocolaty balls are covered with confectioner’s sugar just like heaps of snow. They might look too pretty to eat – but let’s be honest, is it going to stop anyone?

Almond Thumbprints with Raspberry

Almond Thumprints with Rasperry jam look cheery

Shortbread cookies with bright and sweet centers of seedless raspberry jam… Mmm! Cook the Almond Thumbprints with Raspberry and drizzle them with almond glaze while still warm for a sophisticated final touch. 

Chocolate Sandies with Pecan

Cross between a sweet and a cookie, Chocolate Sandies with Pecan are addictive little treats

Little round melt-in-your-mouth cookies with a pronounced taste of pecans will fill your heart with warmth and anticipation for the holiday season!  Roll the Chocolate Sandies with Pecan in confectioner’s sugar for additional sweetness and beautiful color contrast.

Christmas Cornflake Wreath Cookies

Decorative Cornflake Wreath Cookies confuse and amaze at the same time

Nothing can be easier than these non-baking cookies. Cornflakes, marshmallows, a hint of green and a few red candies make the prettiest festive cookies you'll ever eat. Cornflake Wreath Cookies will be a hit with anyone, especially kids!

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies - make Oreos at home

For these lovely treats, no cookie cutter is needed. You can add blitzed peppermint candies to the filling, or use food dye to give the filling different bright colors – the kids are so going to love that!

Let the Christmas spirit into your home early with these yummy Christmas cookie recipes!



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